Tathar Morcû

High Elf Bowman -- in the service of the Élenórë


Tall, lien, with dark hair, dark eyes, and a ghostly white complexion, Tathar is an archer of great skill. He wears a silver traveller’s cloak and always has to hand a tall, black yew bow. He is nimble and quiet, even in his speech.


Tathar has been reared and raised in Imladris, a son of a family loyal to Elrond the Half-Elven. When his skill at arms and slaying orcs became apparent, he was given the great honor of joining the ranks of the Élenórë (the “HeartStar”), a paramilitary unit in service to the White Council, tasked with protecting, guiding, and counseling the Dúnedain Chieftans in exile. His many journeys across Eriador and Numeriador have given him an intimate knowledge of the landscape, and in his heart grows an ever-greater knowledge of and affection for the Northmen in his care.

Tathar Morcû

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