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Welcome to the Narn Forod Wiki

From here you may begin a perusal of the lore, the tomes, the scrolls, the books, the pages… you get the picture. Brave adventurers are always gathering greater knowledge and these pages will be amended with regularity.

Speak friend and enter:

  • ForodgûlThe Book of Northern Lore.
  • TeithadôrThe Land that is Drawn, or found maps and charts.
  • ParmasanyëThe Book of Rule and Law, being the current updated ruleset for Castle Adventure.
  • CoasanyiRules of the House, being certain rules applicable only to adventurers of the Narn Forod.
  • Tammar ló EttelëTools from Other Lands, being a selection of external links and resources that may prove useful to players.

Main Page

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